Everyone at one point in their life or another has played some sort of game.  Games are part of every culture, and a shared human experience.

Learning in a fun environment is likely to result in a better engaged learner with better chances of retention and recall of the course than learning in a boring setting where leaners are made to suffer static instructions. It is a thrill to walk with you through the idea of gamification of learning. In the guide, we shall explore the different elements of games deployed in gamification. We shall also share some case studies and deliberate on the theory and science backing gamification as a tool to motivate and engage learners.

Understanding the theory and science backing gamification will assist you to know the ideal way to apply these concepts when designing your own instruction. Simple and very common game elements like story, feedback and mystery can be used to create a quite engaging gamified learning environment that will captivate your learners and command their full attention. Such a setting will aid learner’s retention and application of training to real life. Come along as we explore the many aspects of gamification. You will learn how to apply all the ideas and models of gamification to your own training session or learning modules. Let’s play, lets learn and by all means, let’s have fun!