My Private Library

This is the place of all your educational content. The ones that you have created and the collection of your favorite content from public library

Exercise Set (Guide to Exercise Set)

An exercise set is a collection of questions related to a discipline created by an author. This collection can be related to a specific curriculum and each question ca be linked to a specified skill in the curriculum. In this way, reports can be generated in relation to progress of requiring a certain skill in the curriculum.

Create New

Creating new exercise set is the main activity for all roles. This will allow filling main fields of exercise set and will lead to the exercise set workspace where the author can edit the content of the exercise set.

Publish to Class

Teachers can publish to their classes any exercise set in their private library. The published exercise set will become part of the collection of resources in the class.


This will allow sharing the exercise set created by you with your friends.

Exercise Set Workspace
Basic Editor
Advanced Editor


Study Set (to be established)

My Classes (Guide to Classes)

Classes Enrolled

This is the collection of classes that user is enrolled in.

Add New: Enroll

Allow selecting new class to enroll in.

Classes You Teach

This is the collection of classes that the user (teacher/parent) teaches and manage.

Create New

Allow creation of new classes to teach and manage.

Class Workspace


Allow editing of the main fields of the class (like name, description, etc.)


It contains list of assignments published to class.


Roster of the class containing list of all learners.


This is a list of collection of educational resources (exercise sets, pins, etc.) published to class by teacher.

My Tasks

My tasks is the place of collection of all tasks to be completed by the user. It contains assignment tasks for learner and system generated tasks to complete like approvals and workflow tasks. Also it contains user created tasks to organize his work.

Create New



My Assignments (Guide to Assignments)

Create New

Creating new assignment is easy. It can be generated from library by specifying certain criteria.



Take Assignment

User can select an assignment from the list and start doing it.

Export to PDF: Print

My Reports

My reports is the place of seeing all dashboards related to the user (teacher, parents and learner). Clicking on items in high level dashboard will lead to a more detailed dashboard.