Main feature in EduPlayCloud  for having your class learn are sharing good resources from internet with the class to read or view. These resources can be articles, lessons, videos, etc..

This is done through Pins feature which allows the teacher to pin to his private library anything he find useful from internet. He can pin also from his own published things on internet like pinning from his youtube channel or from his own blog.

Once these favorites resources are pinned in his Private Library. He can share them with his Class or Learners as needed by the pace of teaching.

Assignments can be give later related to these shared pins in order that the teacher checks whether the learner has read or viewed the pins and whether he undestood the subject.

Tips of effective remote learning with EduPayCloud:

  • Adapt your communication skills.

  • Choose the best tools, and stay with them!

  • Keep a schedule.

  • Support independent learning.

  • Motivate your students.