Each school can request to have its own Curriculum included in the list of Curriculum of EduPlayCloud.

There are several ways of implementing EduPlayCloud  in your classes:

  1. Self-Practice: Let your student self-practice any topic or standard through Exercise Sets in the Public Lilrary
  2. Lesson aligned Practice:  Create Exercise Set that are aligned with a topic or standard, of the day. Let your students practice from this Exercise Set
  3. Topic Review: Assing Several resource for students to complete and review at the end of unit or fill learning gaps from pas material
  4. Homework and Assignment: Create assignment from the Public and Private Library having questions related to whatever they have learned.
  5. Games: Let your students play games while practicing

Every teacher and school's needs are different. over time, most teachers will adapt , combine and refine their approach of using EduPlayCloud.