My Private Library  is the place of all your educational content. The ones that you have created and the collection of your favorite content from public library.

Exercise Set

An exercise set is a collection of questions related to a discipline created by an author. This collection can be related to a specific curriculum and each question can be linked to a specified skill in the curriculum. In this way, reports can be generated in relation to progress of requiring a certain skill in the curriculum.

Create New

Creating new exercise set is the main activity for all roles. This will allow filling main fields of exercise set and will lead to the exercise set workspace where the author can edit the content of the exercise set.

Exercises Followed From Public Library

You can follow certain exercise sets from public library and choose them as favorite in this list. This is done by clicking Add New button.


You can share the exercise set by clicking on the share image at the right corner of the placeholder of the Exercise Set. This will send an email with a link to this Exercise Set to the corresponding email address.