For joining a class as learner, there are two options:

  1. Explore the classes listed in the platform and send a request for joining
  2. Ask the teacher of the class to send to you an invitation.

Exploring Classes

  1. Click on Explore hyperlink
  2. Click on Classes hyperlink
  3. Browse the listed classes
  4. Use the filter menu to narrow your search by filtering over fields like: title, teacher, curriculum, grade, discipline, number of learners, date.

  • click on Enroll hyperlink to send a request for joining the class to its creator.
  • or click on the class to see more details about it like: description, reviews

Ask teacher to send invitation

if you know the teacher, ask him to send you an invitation. You will receive an email. Click on the hyperlink in order to join the class. You can get back to this class at any time from your Home page -> My Classes

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