EduPlayCloud tracks mastery on a skill-by-skill basis. When you first start using EduPlayCloud, you’ll be at the “Not Started” level on every skill. As you answer questions, EduPlayCloud adaptive software learns what you know and adjusts your mastery level on each skill.

Mastery Level

What it Means


Not Started 

You didn’t start practicing this skill

Needs More Practice

You started practicing but you are struggling

Practice Tasks: 2 consecutives correct answers

Tests: Score<=50

Under Acquisition

You are able to answer questions that depend on this skill

Practice Tasks: 3 or 4 consecutives correct answers

Tests: 50<Score<=80


You are answering correctly majority of questions but not with the required time

5 consecutives correct answers

Tests: 80<Score<=95


You are answering majority questions correctly and within the required time.