EduPlayCloud is for everyone and is easy to set-up and use. Whether you are a Learner, Teacher or Parent, you can enjoy the platform for EduPlayCloud.

You can use your Google, Facebook, or personal email account to sign up. Having an account gives you the ability to track your own progress and gives you access to many features.

For that, access and click on the Sign-up. 

You will be asked to enter your birth date. Based on that the system will know how to direct you further based on your age as follows:

  • Age less than 13: 

you will be asked to enter your parent’s email in order to inform the parents and continue the sign up process. Learners younger than 13 years old do not need an email in order to have an account and may simply choose a username and password directly. 

  • Age elder or equal to 13:

You will be asked to choose roles that best applies to you: Learner, Teacher, and/or Parent. You can choose one role or several roles at same time. If you choose more than one role, you will have access to features related to each role

Parent role has the same features of Teacher role except that Parent can teach only his children in his class (up to 4 children. Above that, you need a teacher role)

If you are a parent or teacher, also check out how to create your own account and your child/students' accounts.

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