·        Discipline: like Math, Physic, Chemistry, Biology, English, Etc.

·        Skills: it is the skill to be acquired by the learner

·        Skill Category: is for grouping skills in a knowledge map

·        Grade:  like Kindergarten, Grade1, Grade 2, related to a curriculum. 

·        Curriculum of a discipline: a collection of standards of a discipline defined by educational institutions, national standards. Each standard is a paragraph having an identification and organized by grades. it sets a mapping of the skills in knowledge map to the grades and their sequence. The Standards have revision history. (workflow of draft and published)

·        Curriculum: is the curriculum of all disciplines included.

·        Learning Content: any rich content. Mainly it will be used to explain a concept

·        Exercises Set: List of Exercises formed by questions, problem to solve, etc. It may/may not be linked to skills in curriculum. It can be General or related to a discipline

·        Pins: Shared link to educational resource from internet

·        Assignment: a teacher creates assignments by selection from library and assign them to students in his classes. Assignment Type: Test, Homework. Creator can set the range of date/time when this is available to be done.

·        Library: Bank of Exercise Sets, and other Learning content

·        Public Library: accessible by public (i.e. anyone logging in)

·        Private Library: private to the creator of the library. He could share portion or all of it with others

·        Educational Institution: Educational institution having group of teachers. 

·        Class: is related to a discipline. It is managed by a Teacher and contains learners. 

·        Teacher:  a mentor/coach, could be related to an institution.

·        Learner: student, or a learner enroll in courses and could be related to an institution

·        Parent: guardian of a learner

·        Educational content:  Exercise Set, pins and other learning content.

·        Author: Author of educational content

·        Social Networking: connect to someone, follow its activities, express like, comment, share things

·        Editors: The editor is the tool to create Educational Content. Each content type may have different editor.